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Post number one!

1) What is your Name: Caitlin Myers
2) What is your Quest: To conquer
3) What is your favorite color: I dont think I have one
4) What Movie is that from? I'm sure many
5) What is your Age? 18
6) Top 5 favorite movies garden state, requiem for a dream, eternal sunshine, american beauty, and white chicks
7) Top 5 Favorite Songs "mascara", "lovebites and razorlines", "Obstacle 1", "love dump", "In circles"
8) Top 5 Favorite Bands Deftones, Glassjaw, Tapping The Vein, Lacuna Coil, Static X
9) Top 5 Favorite books The Awakeninig, Cat's Eye, Bell Jar, Birthday Letters, Prozac Nation
10) Why do you think you should be in this community? Cause i love forks.
11) Name at least 3 Christain Slater films I can't
12) What Movie has the song "sugarhigh" performed on the roof of a building? Couldn't tell ya
13) What was Matt Stone and Trey Parker's College Film? I can't think of it now, but I do know.
14) Who Played Elvis in Bubba Ho-tep? Bruce Campbell, of course
15) What is the best Quintin Tarrintino wanna-be film? wanna-be meaning what?
16) Name 5 non-radio single Weezer songs like half of their songs were on the radio. butterfly, only in dreams, my name is jonas, getchoo, and why bother...but they were probably all played. i dont know.
17) Who wrote american psycho and rules of attraction Bret Easton Ellis
18) Who are the 5 greatest actors ever I think it's required of me to say John Cusack. Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Maggie Gyllenhaal
19) Who does Chrispy Want to marry? me.

Match these movie quotes from John Cusak with the Movie
1) High Fidelity theres no room for you in the top five
2) Say Anything keys
3) Better Off Dead You Must Chill
4) Being john MalkovichDo you know what a metaphysical can of worms this portal is?
5) American Sweethearts I'm going to be truthful with you. I just took a half a pound of Vicodin, so I'm going to be feeling pretty good until March.
6) Serendipity That's me, I'm the shit.
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